BLKoldSUN Script

By afp_romania on Sep 22, 2015

Hello! I have created this script in 2013 but updated yesterday with minor bug fixes.

Note: this script is only in romanian language not english or other. The script includes features like:

  • complete menus for nickserv, chanserv, botserv, memoserv, operserv, hostserv, psybnc, trivia, helpsystem
  • proxy surf based on a proxy list.txt
  • control pannel for nickserv and chanserv (based acces on a single nickname and channel)
  • monitor channel: joins/parts, nr visitors, quits
  • seen script
  • androBOT - a talk bot for you channel
  • personal talk bot - that talk on channel when you are not at pc; and a different talk bot for prv messages
  • protections for PMs
  • avatar for PM - like Yahoo Messenger
  • webcam module: video and audio
  • color menus
  • games: tetris, sky, sudoku, paint, minesweaper, reflex tester

The script you can downlod from here:

NOTE: to understand this script first you will have to use Google Translator :D


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