mIRC Forum OnLine Users v0.1

By OrFeAsGr on Sep 03, 2015

Sends the OnLine Users On mIRC Forum!
Not so needy script :P but i have to kill time somehow, and thought someone might need it.. although it's easy to make!
v0.1 14/6/2016
-Added ID and Version for update Checker!

;;;; Script by OrFeAsGr ;;;;
;;;; My Website: http://humanity.ucoz.com ;;;;
;;;; Humanity IRC Bot Services ;;;;
;;;; Credits: westor ;;;;
;;;; Sends the online users of forums.mirc.com ,the official mIRC Forums;;;;
;;;; Command: !mirconline ;;;;
;;;; v0.1 14/6/2016 ;;;;;;;;;;
on *:text:*:#: {
  if ($strip($1) == !mirconline) { 
  if (!%MIRCONLINEversion) || (%MIRCONLINEversion != v0.1) { set %MIRCONLINEversion v0.1 }
    if (!$($+(%,mircusers,~,$network,~,$chan),2)) {
      set -eu60 $+(%,mircusers,~,$network,~,$chan) 1
      set -e %mirconchan $chan
      sockopen mirconline forums.mirc.com 80 

on *:SOCKOPEN:mirconline: {
  if ($sockerr) { .msg %mirconchan Error while trying to connect.. | sockclose $sockname }
  sockwrite -nt $sockname GET /ubbthreads.php/online HTTP/1.1
  sockwrite -nt $sockname Host: forums.mirc.com
  sockwrite -nt $sockname $crlf

on *:SOCKREAD:mirconline: {
  if ($sockerr) { .msg %mirconchan Error while trying to read.. | sockclose $sockname }
  var %mirconread
  sockread %mirconread
  if (*Registered User(s)* iswm %mirconread) { set -e %mirconnum %mirconread }
  if (*"/ubbthreads.php/users/* iswm %mirconread) { set -e %mirconusers $addtok(%mirconusers,$gettok(%mirconread,2,62),32) }
  if (*Guest(s)* iswm %mirconread) {
    .msg %mirconchan 2m4IR7C Forum $bel Online Registered User(s):  $+ $gettok(%mirconnum,1,32) $+  ( $+ $remove(%mirconusers,</a) $+ ) $bel Hidden User(s):  $+ $calc($gettok(%mirconnum,1,32) - $numtok(%mirconusers,32)) $+  $bel Guest(s):  $+ $gettok(%mirconread,1,32) $+ 
    unset %mircon*
    sockclose $sockname

That is all!

Check Out http://humanity.ucoz.com :) Humanity Bot Services
Some Bugs Fixed! Thx westor :)

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Thx! ^_^


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