Acronym Finder!!! v0.1

By OrFeAsGr on Aug 07, 2015

Hey people! i came across this page while translating a text and the idea hit me! I had to make this an mIRC Script! So here it is..!

;;;; Script by OrFeAsGr ;;;;
;;;; My WebSite: ;;;;
;;;; Type !acronym acronym ;;;;
;;;; Script Responds with the most known definition of your search ;;;;
on *:SOCKOPEN:*: {
if (!%ACRONYMFversion) || (%ACRONYMFversion != v0.1) { set %ACRONYMFversion v0.1 }
  if ($sockname == acronym) {
    sockwrite -nt $sockname GET %acrget HTTP/1.1
    sockwrite -nt $sockname Host:
    sockwrite $sockname $crlf

on *:SOCKREAD:*: {
  if ($sockname == acronym) {
    if ($sockerr) { msg %acrchan Error.. | sockclose $sockname }
    var %acread
    sockread %acread
    if (*Your abbreviation search returned* iswm %acread) {
      set %acres $gettok(%acread,6,32)
            if (%acres) {
        .timer 1 1 msg %acrchan 15Your abbreviation search returned $gettok(%acread,6,32) meanings. $iif(%acres > 5, Showing the 5 First., Showing them all!)
      if (!%acres) {
        .timer 1 1 msg %acrchan 15Your abbreviation search returned $gettok(%acread,6,32) meanings. Sorry :(
        sockclose $sockname
    if (*"result-list__body__rank">* iswm %acread) {
      inc -u20 %acrnum 1
      if (%acrnum < 6) {
        inc -u10 %acrtimer 1
        ;.timer 1 %acrtimer msg %acrchan %acread
        .timer 1 %acrtimer msg %acrchan 12 $gettok($iif($gettok(%acread,8,62) != $+($chr(60),td), $v1, $gettok(%acread,7,62)),1,60)
      elseif (%acrnum > 5) {
        sockclose $sockname 
        .timer 1 7 msg %acrchan 7For The Rest3 $calc(%acres - 5) Results Visit $iif(%acronym, $+(,/,$v1,.html), [Error WhiLe Figuring Out The Link])
  on *:text:*:#: {
      if ($strip($1) == !acronym) {
    if (!$($+(%,acronyms,~,$network,~,$chan),2)) {
      set -u10 $+(%,acronyms,~,$network,~,$chan) 1
      sockopen acronym 80 | set %acrchan $chan | set %acronym $strip($2) | set %acrget $+(/,$strip($2),.html) | msg $chan 3Searching Results For14:7 $strip($2)

This is it! I already found a little bug and corrected.. some results had less tokens and messed up with my $gettok but an $iif made it work again. If you find more leave a comment :) Thx!

This will be in the next version of my bot. For more info visit !

-v0.1 14/06/2016
-Added SCRIPT ID and version for Update checker to work

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Thx! ^_^


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