Simplest ACronym Replacer

By XpLoiTeR on Jan 13, 2006

write /Acro to enable and /NOAcro to disable .... thats the simplest acronym replacer will replace ur msg with acronymed letters

alias Acro { set %enabled on | echo -a enabled replacer }
alias NoACro { unset %enabled | echo -a disabled replacer }
on *:Input:*: {
  if ($left($1,1) != / ) && (%enabled == on) {
    say $replace($1-,b,B,d,D,f,2F,h,H,j,J,4k,K,2m,M,o,O,s,S,r,R,x,X,y,Y)


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XpLoiTeR   -  Jan 15, 2006

thanks QuickStep i fixed it

QuickStep   -  Jan 14, 2006

there needs to be a space between \"Acro\" and \"{\" for this to actually work.

XpLoiTeR   -  Jan 14, 2006

anyway guys...that was an easy snippet anyone can make..ive just ran into the idea so i made out this snippy ... ;) dnt want any comments abt it :D:D

XpLoiTeR   -  Jan 14, 2006

DeathRaven...Good Point.. CHANGED :)

DarthReven   -  Jan 13, 2006

change the name of your alias cause your messing with mIRC\'s built in /enable /disable aliases

XpLoiTeR   -  Jan 13, 2006

check now

Foamy   -  Jan 13, 2006

Doesn\'t work.

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