VB .NET Lottery - random winner

By afp_romania on Jun 23, 2015

'''VB .NET Application'''

I have created this personal app for a Counter-Strike comunity, names PGL-CSS. It is designed for contest, like a simple lottery, random winner from a ListView.

If you want to see more info about my project, see this URL: http://afpromania.blogspot.ro/2014/10/aplicatie-vb-net-tombola-pgl.html

Edit/ sorry i dont know how to post code and images.


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Hawkee   -  Jun 23, 2015

We use Markdown to create posts. Check here for how to add code and formatting: http://hawkee.com/snippet/16065/ Images need to be hosted off-site, but you can still use Markdown to add them.

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