Mathmatical sin,cos,tan functions

By XpLoiTeR on Jan 10, 2006

in fact i made this because ive submitted the mathmatical pol function twice by mistake....i said i have to put sth usefull instead of the repeated snippet...thats soo so so easy....just echoing what the identifiers get ... easy but more useful than repeated snippet
/sin /cos /tan /asin /acos /atan

alias sin { echo -a $sin($1).deg }
alias asin { echo -a $asin($1) }
alias cos { echo -a $cos($1).deg }
alias acos { echo -a $acos($1) }
alias tan { echo -a $tan($1).deg }
alias atan { echo -a $atan($1) }


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XpLoiTeR   -  Jan 10, 2006

thx quickstep _

XpLoiTeR   -  Jan 10, 2006

fiber optics...yes i know :) i cant say its hard..ur rite ;) .... but read the discription well....i had to do sth different to cover the repeat

FiberOPtics   -  Jan 10, 2006

What do you mean \"it\'s easy\"? Of course it is, you just put built-in identifiers in a few aliases that echo instead of return the value.

I think people can type //echo -a $sin().deg theirselves, or make a small custom alias theirselves to echo instead of return the value.

I don\'t understand why you would submit something like this, I mean, you could start submitting stuff like this for every built-in identifier... pointless.

Here\'s my newest mathematical snippet! alias calcit echo -a $calc($1)

I\'m not trying to hurt your feelings or anything, but honestly, is this a joke or are you for real about this?

QuickStep   -  Jan 10, 2006

that would be \'if ($1 isnum) ;docode\'

XpLoiTeR   -  Jan 10, 2006

i know its easy..its my first time to use mathmatical has no error fixin its just a good idea
note: if any one knows the identifier to check on that the value is number like VAL(text) in visual basic.....he can tell me.. thx :)

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