[TWITCH] BF4 Stats

By Blood_Wolf89 on Apr 03, 2015

Do you want to have a command that people can type to display your stats (!bf4stats)? And in the same way, the command where they can share their stats (!bf4stats [username]).

Commands: !bf4stats & !bf4stats [username]

Changes to make for the script..
1.) Change "STREAMER_IGN" on line 4 to you in game name.
2.) Currently this is set up for PC but if you wish to change it to something else..

Edit line 6: " var %url = http://api.bf4stats.com/api/playerInfo?plat=pc&name= $+ %urlSafeuser"

Change pc to whatever you decide.

pc = PC platform
xbox = XBOX 360 console platform
ps3 = Playstation 3 console platform
xone = XBOX ONE console platform.
ps4 = Playstation 4 console platform.

on *:TEXT:*:#flakeofthenorth:{

  if ($strip($1) === !bf4stats) {
    var %user = $iif($2, $strip($2), STREAMER_IGN)
    var %urlSafeUser = $regsubex(%user, /[^a-z\d_-]/gi, % $+ $base($asc(\t), 10, 16, 2))
    var %url = http://api.bf4stats.com/api/playerInfo?plat=pc&name= $+ %urlSafeuser

    JSONOpen -ud bf4stat %url

    var %name = $JSON(bf4stat, player, name)
    var %rank = $JSON(bf4stat, player, rank, nr)
    var %score = $JSON(bf4stat, player, score)

    var %kills = $JSON(bf4stat, stats, kills)
    var %deaths = $JSON(bf4stat, stats, deaths)
    var %kdRatio = $round($calc(%kills / %deaths), 2)

    var %wins = $JSON(bf4stat, stats, numWins)
    var %losses = $JSON(bf4stat, stats, numLosses)
    var %wlRatio = $round($calc(%wins / %losses), 2)

    var %played = $duration($JSON(bf4stat, stats, timePlayed))

    var %hits = $JSON(bf4stat, stats, shotsHit)
    var %misses = $JSON(bf4stat, stats, shotsFired)
    var %accuracy = $round($calc(%hits / %misses * 100),2) $+ %

    if ((%user == %name) || (%urlSafeuser == %name)) { msg # [BF4Stats]:  %name $+ 's Battlefield 4(PC) Stats $(|,0) Rank: %rank $(|,0) Kills: %kills $(|,0) K/D: %kdRatio $(|,0) W/L: %wlRatio $(|,0) Score: %score $(|,0) Time Played: %played $(|,0) Accuracy: %accuracy } 
    if ((%urlSafeuser !== %name)) {  msg # [BF4Stats]: Invalid Battlefield 4 Name. }


In order for this script to work, you must also use this JSON Parse made by SReject. To use it just past it after the script above.

JSON Parse: http://hawkee.com/snippet/10194/#c127159


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