Colored Nicknames

By Tritonio on Mar 05, 2015

This is a modified version of some script I found elsewhere on the web. I don't even have the original script anymore actually....

It gives random colors to nicknames when they first speak in a channel. It skips the black color (since I am using a black background). If you'd like to skip another color you can change that "0" on line 11 to be 1 less than the color code you want to skip.

I should make this read the background color from the configuration actually and skip it on it's own.

on *:START:{
  var -g %currentcolor 2

on ^*:text:*:#:{
  if ($cnick($nick).color == $color(normal text)) { 
    .cnick $nick %currentcolor
    if (%currentcolor == 15) { 
      set %currentcolor 0
    elseif (%currentcolor == 0) { 
      set %currentcolor 2
    else {
      inc %currentcolor


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dma   -  Apr 30, 2016

im sorry how do i get this to run im running mirc 7.45

Resinator  -  May 03, 2016

Copy all of the code from here, then in mIRC press alt+r to open the remote script editor. From there, make sure u are in the scripts tab, select file > new, which will create an empty script file. In that paste the code and press OK.

dma  -  May 03, 2016


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dma   -  Jul 04, 2015

I really dont know how to make it work... any one know?

dma   -  Apr 16, 2015

can you please tell me where this goes? im not a n00b but i dont have a clue there this snippet goes

DragonHeart  -  May 01, 2015


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