Highlights Window

By Tritonio on Mar 05, 2015

This will keep a window open where your highlighted messages will be kept. It's still work in progress because, even though the @highlights window content is logged to a file, I haven't found an easy (emphasis on "easy") way to load the logfile into the highlights window on startup. At least not when there's a date in the filename.

;Highlights Window by Tritonio

on *:TEXT:*:#: {
  if ($highlight($1-)) {
    echo 9 @highlights $chan $+ : $1-

alias resethighlights {
  close -a@ @highlights
  window @highlights
  log on @highlights
  loadbuf 20 @highlights @highlights.log

on *:START:{


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dma   -  Nov 22, 2015

Love it

blackvenomm666   -  May 18, 2015

instead of a full out auto load of the highlights file why not set it up so the @window shows a list of the hilights files there are. like store them in a certain folder where nothing else would go then have it just load all the files from that folder then when you double click on the name of the folder you want it would show what's in it. just a thought

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