Help; Trigger Command

By vextern on Feb 05, 2015

Can I ask about how you make a trigger command? For example: My bot joined and I want it to run a command automatically such as "!uptime" and/or "/me has Joined". And if the stream went offline, it will trigger the "!stopuptime"

This is the script I'm using as !uptime

on *:TEXT:!startuptime:#: {
  msg # Starting uptime.
  set -e %uptime. [ $+ [ # ] ] $ctime

on *:text:!uptime:#: { 
  msg # $duration($calc($ctime - %uptime. [ $+ [ # ] ] )) 

on *:text:!stopuptime:#: { 
  msg # Stopping uptime.
  unset %uptime. [ $+ [ # ] ] 


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raccoon   -  Feb 06, 2015

This is not the place to ask for help or support for mIRC scripting. The correct place is the mIRC Forums.

Hawkee is a place to feature content you have created and to collaborate with other users.

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