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By ^WeSt on Feb 05, 2015

Requested by: Unknown


Credits to: Wims


This code is checking if you have internet connection available via mIRC, if you get 1 on $internet return that means that you have internet connection if you get 0 on return that means that you have NOT an internet connection, NOTE that if on the first time you use $internet may stuck for a while to find the correct internet adapter that your machine uses to check for internet connection but this will happen only one time per mIRC open.

Example 1: //echo -a Internet Connection: $internet
Example 2: //echo -a My Internet Connections is: $iif($internet,Connected,NOT Connected)

  • Enjoy!
ON *:START: { internet }
alias internet {
  var %h = $hget(INTERNET,CON)
  if (%h) {
    var %s = $wmiget(Win32_NetworkAdapter,%h).NetConnectionStatus
    if (%s) && (%s == 2) { $iif($isid,return 1,return) }
    else { $iif($isid,return 0,return) }
  elseif (!%h) {
    var %t = $wmiget(Win32_NetworkAdapter,N).NetConnectionStatus
    if (!%t) { $iif($isid,return 0,return) }
    var %i = 1
    while (%i <= %t) {
      var %s = $wmiget(Win32_NetworkAdapter,%i).NetConnectionStatus
      hadd -m INTERNET CON %i
      if (%s) && (%s == 2) { $iif($isid,return 1,return) }
      inc %i
  $iif($isid,return 0)

alias wmiget {
  var %ar = a $+ $ticks $+ $ctime
  var %br = b $+ $ticks $+ $ctime
  var %cr = c $+ $ticks $+ $ctime
  .comopen %ar WbemScripting.SWbemLocator
  if ($comerr) { .comclose %ar | return 0 }
  .comclose %ar $com(%ar,ConnectServer,3,dispatch* %br)
  if ($comerr) { return 0 }
  .comclose %br $com(%br,ExecQuery,3,bstr*,select $prop from $1,dispatch* %cr)
  var %x = $comval(%cr,$iif($2,$2,1),$prop)
  if ($com(%ar)) { .comclose %ar }
  if ($com(%br)) { .comclose %br }
  if ($com(%cr)) { .comclose %cr }
  return $iif(%x,%x,0)


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Hawkee   -  Feb 05, 2015

Might be a good idea to start your page with the description. Your profile will only list the first paragraph of each page, so you're ending up with a lot of "Requested by" lines rather than descriptive text.

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