Need help with MC mod

By TheBrohman on Jan 25, 2015

Hello! So, I am making my own mod, and I need to edit a bit of the MC sourcecode (not much just add an item to a mob's drop), but I don't know how I can edit them. I tried searching up some guides but I didn't find any good ones.

private static final Item[] witchDrops = new Item[] {Items.glowstone_dust, Items.sugar,, Items.spider_eye, Items.glass_bottle, Items.gunpowder, Items.stick, Items.stick};

This is all I what I want to edit, add one item into there but idk how.
Also if you know a way to add an Item to the witchDrops, but not editing a MC sourcecode, it would be awesome :P



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Hawkee   -  Jan 26, 2015

I'm not sure everybody know what you're talking about here. Maybe you should say "Minecraft" instead of MC. This site isn't necessarily intended for questions, so this is probably better posted as a Thread.

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