Calltip Dll

By Wims on Jan 06, 2015

This is an update of this project:

Someone asked me if it would be possible to make it working for mIRC 7.x and I give it a shot.
I added the missing identifiers and fixed some issues.

This dll will show you the syntax of any $identifier() which takes parameter(s) when you are editing a code in the script editor.

You can find the archive with the dll here:

$dll(path\calltip.dll,calltip,) returns:

OK if the dll loaded correctly

INUSE if you already loaded the dll

ERROR if an error happened

Please remember there is a very good IDE made for mIRC Scripting, mslDev ( ), which has this feature and much more, I suggest you try it as well at


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nox`   -  Jan 07, 2015

Thank you Wims !
mslDev ? is this software abandoned ?oO

Yawhatnever  -  Jan 07, 2015

No, mSLDev isn't abandoned.

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