URL watcher.

By Repz on Jan 01, 2006

OK, When someone has said a URL in any channel, A window will open that will record all url's said,

This script is good incase your AFK, Or miss a url, You can easily look in the @window and see the url's, and if theres a spammer sending url's in your chans, You will know the nickname to ban the person so it doesnt happen again,

It will say it when http:// irc. www. is mentioned.

on *:text:*:*: {
  if (http:// isin $1-) || (www. isin $1-) || (irc. isin $1-) {
    window @Urls
    echo -t @urls [Url Tracker] $nick Has Just Said $1- in $chan on $network - You better check it out! [Url Tracker]


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Yoinx   -  Feb 19, 2006

yeah, or couldnt you just enable catching urls in the mirc options, and use the url\'s list?

globus   -  Feb 19, 2006

it will be good to save all Urls that Url Tracker has catched

DarthReven   -  Jan 02, 2006

Or better yet use this alias: alias urlget { if ($regex($1-,/(http|www|com|net|org|irc\.)/)) { return $wildtok($1-,$+(,$regml(1),),1,32) } }

Repz   -  Jan 02, 2006


DarthReven   -  Jan 02, 2006

you might want to use $wildtok($1-,..*,0,32) aswell so you don\'t return the whole line of text in case they give more then a url

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