New idea for chanop control

By KrYpTiK on Jan 01, 2006

This is something kinda new, it has timers for op and other things its actually going to be a new bs line of commands for chanops but i figured i would let u guys try it out first and check out you'r replies ;) u can add to it or remove w/e u like and i tried it and didnt run into any problems or bugs its small clean and simple though its more geared on the side of superadmin it will have something for all op users :P Enjoy!! just toss it up popups under nicklist or channel (both works better) :PANd i just added Punnishments such as devoice deop deprotect and deowner plau full punnishment wich takes all access. This snippet is for service
anope and unreal it will rok for those two ;) and only for those two

menu channel,bar {
.sadmin on/off
..on { os set superadmin on } { os set superadmin off }
menu nicklist {
.Chg user pass { ns set $1 password $$?="New password" }
.overide { cs set $chan founder $1 }
timed events
..temp founder(chanserv) { cs owner $chan $1 | timer 1 $$?="Time in seconds" cs deowner $chan $1 }
..temp founder(mode) { mode $chan +q $1 | timer 1 $$?="Time in seconds" /mode $chan -q $1 }
..temp op(chanserv) { cs op $chan $1 | timer 1 $$?="Time in seconds" /cs deop $chan $1 }
..temp op(mode) { mode $chan +o $1 | timer 1 $$?="Time in seconds" /mode $chan -o $1 }
..temp invite only { mode $chan +i | timer 1 $$?="Time in seconds" /mode $chan -i }
..temp secret { mode $chan +s | timer 1 $$?="Time in seconds" /mode $chan -s }
..temp privet { mode $chan +p | timer 1 $$?="Time in seconds" /mode $chan -p }
..temp Admin only { mode $chan +A | timer 1 $$?="Time in seconds" /mode $chan -A }
..temp Key { mode $chan +k $$?="Enter key" | timer 1 $$?="Time in seconds" /mode $chan -k }
..temp user limit { mode $chan +l $$?="Enter user limit" | timer 1 $$?="Time in seconds" /mode $chan -l }
..temp moderated { mode $chan +m | timer 1 $$?="Time in seconds" /mode $chan -m }
..temp lock down { mode $chan +ACnmitk 487tyf28tyh7 | timer 1 $$?="Time in seconds" /mode $chan -ACik 487tyf28tyh7 }
..mass op { mode $chan +oooooooooo $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 $10 | timer 1 $$?="Time in seconds" mode $chan -oooooooooo $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 $10 }
.Devoice { cs devoice $chan $1 | timer 1 $$?="Time in seconds" cs voice $chan $1 }
.Deop { cs deop $chan $1 | timer 1 $$?="Time in seconds" cs op $chan $1 }
.Deprotect { cs deprotect $chan $1 | timer 1 $$?="Time in seconds" cs protect $chan $1 }
.Deowner { cs deowner $chan $1 | timer ! $$?="Time in seconds" cs owner $chan $1 }
.Full(mode only) { mode $chan -qaohv $1 $1 $1 $1 $1 | timer ! $$?="Time in seconds" mode $chan +v $1 }


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Yoinx   -  Jan 01, 2006
KrYpTiK   -  Jan 01, 2006

good point and ur right it is

Yoinx   -  Jan 01, 2006

You should include a note for what services/ircd this is for... looks like anope and unreal.

KrYpTiK   -  Jan 01, 2006

I\'m going to be making a full addon for nicklist channel bar and status all this will be featured but that wont be for atleast a week im rather bizzy but ive allready improve it and have it saved and compressed waiting for me to add toit :P i hope u guys check it out for real

KrYpTiK   -  Jan 01, 2006

There i added a punnishment section it will do w/e on timed events like deop for say 30 seconds then reop them without u having to doit im going to have the modes in a bit but i have an apointment so be patient :P

KrYpTiK   -  Jan 01, 2006

true but the timers alow freedom seeing as im very bizy running around mannaging manye chanops i dont have tim to babysit so i will op them on a timer for sey 120 seconds then it will auto deop them so i dont have to

KuTsuM   -  Jan 01, 2006

You could use /pop and /pvoice unstead of timers for op and voice

Scruffy   -  Jan 01, 2006

oh and i dont rate stuff by 5 average and stff just how good i think it is

Scruffy   -  Jan 01, 2006

Very nice. I never new how to change my password... It helps out alot for not only server admins but, some commands are good for channel owners. 5/10

KrYpTiK   -  Jan 01, 2006

lol for those of u that are veterins at scripting im relatively new so im sure there are better ways of doing what i did as ive allready found a few :P but i dont mind any sugjestions so if yah gotem postem thnx

KrYpTiK   -  Jan 01, 2006

well the only the only thing wrong i found is in the tittle for the addon i misspelt control sry for that ;P

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