Easy ChanServ Commands

By Moonlight on Dec 20, 2005

Place this in your "Menu" popups. Or "Channel". Alittle channelserv commands i made up. just start scriptng. =P

.Channel Options
..Register Channel:/cs REGISTER $$?="Channel" $$?="Password" $$?="Description"
.Auto Opers
..Add SOP:/cs SOP $$?="Channel" ADD $$?="Nickname"
..Add AOP:/cs AOP $$?="Channel" ADD $$?="Nickname"
..Add HOP:/cs HOP $$?="Channel" ADD $$?="Nickname"
..Add VOP:/cs VOP $$?="Channel" ADD $$?="Nickname
..Del SOP:/cs SOP $$?="Channel" DEL $$?="Nickname"
..Del AOP:/cs AOP $$?="Channel" DEL $$?="Nickname"
..Del HOP:/cs HOP $$?="Channel" DEL $$?="Nickname"
..Del VOP:/cs VOP $$?="Channel" DEL $$?="Nickname"
..List SOP:/cs SOP $$?="Channel" LIST
..List AOP:/cs AOP $$?="Channel" LIST
..List HOP:/cs HOP $$?="Channel" LIST
..List VOP:/cs VOP $$?="Channel" LIST
....Add:/cs AKICK $$?="Channel" ADD $$?="Nickname/Host" $$?="Reason"
....Del:/cs AKICK $$?="Channel" DEL $$?="Nickname/Host"


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|MELIORITE|   -  May 20, 2007

I think the open suggestion is a good one. Even with chanserv the code is a little esoteric and could be broadened a little. Otherwise, it does little to enhance existing services.

Moonlight   -  May 19, 2007

Okay, haven\'t been here in a long time. I\'ll say this once and finally even though I highly doubt anyone will read this.

If you don\'t like it because maybe your server doesn\'t support chanserv, don\'t use it, don\'t complain about it.

XpLoiTeR   -  Jan 12, 2006

/me hitching his eyes....anyway i meant aliases then turning back to popups....alias shit {if (blah blah != blah ) { cs op bla bla } }
then in the popups ..op:/shit
hey mrsmart got me ;)

Raichu   -  Jan 12, 2006

aliasses?? Those are popups...

XpLoiTeR   -  Jan 12, 2006

they r right moonlight...the snippet is pretty good...but needs more err handling...in other words try to make it acceptable by any running services... just few aliases more..good luck

Raichu   -  Jan 12, 2006

I dont edit some1\'s code without permission of Moonlight. I dont rip scripts..

Foamy   -  Jan 11, 2006

Then you should edit the other chanserv\'s on this script then.

Raichu   -  Jan 11, 2006

What? I dont complain, I just give advice that there are different chanserv\'s...

Foamy   -  Jan 11, 2006

Raichu, You can do things with this script. For servers with chanserv, and if it doesn\'t have the correct alias for the chanserv that you use then edit it yourself.

Note: I think you should use /msg CHANSERV .
Raichu, I would like to see a good snippet from you though. Seeing you haven\'t submited any in and yet you complain about some snippets.

Raichu   -  Dec 22, 2005

I know this is ment for servers WITH chanserv. BUT:

1: There are different chanservs.
2: Gamesurge chanserv is so much different, U cant do anything with that script.

RoninWarrior   -  Dec 21, 2005

not all server s that have chanserv do it this dalnet to be one ? so no this wont work with all chanserv but you could make it accept all chanserv with a couple alias though good luck

Moonlight   -  Dec 21, 2005

Raichu: x.x I\'ve never been there before so I wouldn\'t know about their services. But this was made for the servers that DO have ChanServ. My bad.

Raichu   -  Dec 21, 2005

You should say for what chanserv this is? Is it for gamesurge? dont think so. So add the network.

Als irc.gamesurge.net has other irc services. So do other networks;)

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