All Caps

By Jester on Dec 20, 2005

Add These To Your Remotes. Right Click In The Chat Window Then Turn All Caps On Or Off. When Turned On You Can Make The First Letter Of Everything You Say Be Caps. Kinda Like The Way I'm Writing This.

on 1:INPUT:*: {
  set %Var3 $1-
  unset %Var1 %Var2
  set %Var1 1 | set %Var2 $upper($mid(%Var3,1,1))
  if ($mid(%Var3,1,1) == $chr(47)) { goto ServerCommand }
  if ($len(%Var3) == 1) { set %Var2 $upper(%Var2) | say %Var2 | halt }
  inc %Var1 1
  if ($mid(%Var3,%Var1,1) != $chr(32)) { set %Var2 %Var2 $+ $mid(%Var3,%Var1,1) | if ($len(%Var3) < %Var1) { goto Start1 } }
  if ($mid(%Var3,%Var1,1) == $chr(32)) { set %Var2 %Var2 $+ $upper($mid(%Var3,%Var1,2)) | inc %Var1 1 | if ($len(%Var3) < %Var1) { goto Start1 } }
  if ($len(%Var3) != %Var1) { goto Start1 }
  say %Var2
menu channel {
  All 1st Letter Caps
  .on { set %script true }
  .off { unset %script }


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Jethro   -  Jun 17, 2011

loves.enough, you have another input event that interferes with this snippet. Place this snippet in a new remote and see how it goes.

loves.enough   -  Jun 17, 2011

dear why i gout double msg on channle . i write single but its automaticly double sent on channle
solve this problem plz

2hello hello helllo Hello Hello Helllo
KyleJack-Daniels   -  Feb 10, 2011

Very nice but i want this to be included with a colour script

itsmefahad   -  Jan 23, 2011

If we want first letter caps with bold & also with a color then what kind of change.

jakobLUVSpizza   -  Sep 02, 2008

thats really cool!

Jester   -  Dec 20, 2005


CaRe_Taker   -  Dec 20, 2005

O_o nice :)
Good job

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