Kick/Ban/DEOP Protections

By chicknh8r on Dec 18, 2005

Copy and paste into your remotes, "alt R".
With this snippet loaded, any of these actions performed against you, ban deop dehop devoice, will trigger these scripts to respond accordingly.


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Syele   -  Jan 30, 2008

Works awesomely on utonet

ermansanidhya   -  Jun 24, 2007

could i use on

Zachery   -  Dec 19, 2005

Anope Services ;\

RoninWarrior   -  Dec 18, 2005

cool that should be specified so users wont confuse with dalnet or other servers whom also use chanserv nickserv and memoserv cause there would have to be a alias for cs to work on dalnet i believe.

chicknh8r   -  Dec 18, 2005
They Use ChanServ, Nickserv and such

RoninWarrior   -  Dec 18, 2005

what server is this for ?

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