By `Kazuma on Dec 17, 2005

Alt+R -> Copy and Paste. Just some popups I made in a few minutes. Sort of got the idea of making popups by Sasuke.


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Repz   -  Dec 29, 2005

Nice kazuma :D

`Kazuma   -  Dec 18, 2005

Heh heh, Thank\'s Jester. Funny avatar =P

Jester   -  Dec 18, 2005

I\'m A Big Fan Of Pop-Ups... I\'ll Be Sure To Add A Few Of These To Mine... Nice Work

`Kazuma   -  Dec 17, 2005

Lol. Thank you Sasuke. Wow a 5.0. :) Thanks.

Sasuke   -  Dec 17, 2005

Excellent... popuppalooooooza is happening now... >_< some of the designs on this snippet are old, but nice selection, some very good designs and Lol... this is Nice!

`Kazuma   -  Dec 17, 2005

Have fun. :)

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