Easy Bans/Admin Controls(Updated)

By Sephiroth on Dec 06, 2005

Here are some Bans and Kicks. Plus just a few Admin controls.
Now Updated, with "Controls" and "Sajoin".

on *:load: {
  write kix.txt
  write kix.txt And should we really care?
  write kix.txt Feeling claustrophobic, like the walls are closing in.
  write kix.txt That what doesn't kill me, only makes me stronger.
  write kix.txt Excess Lameness
  write kix.txt You've been dying since the day you were born.
  write kix.txt We are trying to get the message to you
  write kix.txt Consciousness my only friend
  write kix.txt Its the last time you will!
  write kix.txt From deep sleep I have broken away
  write kix.txt Wrapped up tight, cannot move, can't break free
  write kix.txt Ring of stupidity
  write kix.txt Feed my brain with your so called standards
  write kix.txt So let it be written, so let it be done
  write kix.txt Cya, Wouldn't wanna be ya
  write kix.txt Thanks for leaving, come back soon!
menu nicklist {
  ..Regular:/ban $Chan $$*
  ..Name:/mode $Chan +b $$*
  ..Ban2:/ban $Chan $$* 2
  ..Ban3:/ban $Chan $$* 3
  ..Ban4:/ban $Chan $$* 4
  ..Ban5:/ban $Chan $$* 5
  ..Ban6:/ban $Chan $$* 6
  ..Ban7:/ban $Chan $$* 7
  ..Ban8:/ban $Chan $$* 8
  ..Ban9:/ban $Chan $$* 9
  ..Ban10:/ban $Chan $$* 10
  ..Ban11:/ban $Chan $$* 11
  ..Ban12:/ban $Chan $$* 12

  ..Op:/mode $Chan +o $$1
  ..DeOp:/mode $Chan -o $$1
  ..Admin:/mode $Chan +a $$1
  ..DeAdmin:/mode $Chan -a $$1

  ..Kick ?:/kick $Chan $$1 $read(kix.txt)
  ..Kick<Why>:/kick $Chan $$1 $$?="Reason to kick $$1 ?"
  ....KickBan ?:/ban $Chan $$1 | /kick $Chan $$1 $read(kix.txt)
  ....KickBan<Why>:/ban $Chan $$1 | /kick $Chan $$1 $$?="Reason to KickBan $$1 ?"
  Admin Central
  .Admin Controls:/
  .Quick Kline:/kline $snicks Klined
  .Reason Kline:/kline $$1 $$?="Reason"
  .Quick Kill:/kill $$1 Killed
  .Reason Kill:/kill $$1 $$?="Reason"
  .Dns:/dns $$1
  .Getpass:/ns getpass $$1
  .Override:/ns override $$1
  ..Swhois:/os raw :OperServ swhois $$1 $$?="Text"
  ..Svsnick:/os raw :operserv svsnick $$1 $$?="New nick?"
  ..Svspart:/os raw :OperServ svspart $$1 $$?="Channel"
  ..Svsjoin:/os raw :operserv svsjoin $$?="Who?" $$?="Cannel"
  ..Svskill:/os raw :Operserv svskill $$?="Who?" $$?="Quit message"
  ..Svsmode:/os raw :operserv svsmode $$?="Who" $$?="Modes"

  ..Sajoin (Me):/sajoin $me $$?="Channel"
  ..Sajoin:/sajoin $$1  $$?="Channel"



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Len   -  Jul 14, 2007

Another menu, jeez, wow this time it has kick comments OMG

Sephiroth   -  Dec 06, 2005

Hm, Thanks\' RoninWarrior. Thank\'s for the advice. I\'ll get to work on it then, And I just added some \"Controls\" and \"Sajoin\" commands.

RoninWarrior   -  Dec 06, 2005

Sephiroth i like this but you can use $$* to the kix and bans to make is mass if ever you needed it also what about adding it to were when you look at the popup bans it would show the address so we now what ban 1 ban 2 ban 3 etc are?

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