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By RoninWarrior on Dec 03, 2005

load into remote's or copy and paste into remotes , open any webpage and then type into any active channel /surf and it will describe to the channel what web page you have open ,

ALERT 1: sorry this only works with 1 web page open at a time .
SYNTAX 1: open web page
SYNTAX 2: type in /surf in open channel

alias surf {
  if ($url == $null) { 
  echo -a  $chr(9) SYNTAX you must have a web page open first. | halt }
  else { 
    describe # currently surfing [  $url  ] 


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Whatever   -  Dec 06, 2005

Hmm but doesn\'t that show the urls in the drop down menu instead?

samcobra   -  Dec 04, 2005

just do this:

else {
describe # currently surfing:
var %u 1
while ($url(%u) != $null) {
describe # $url(%u)
inc %u

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