Home function for your bot

By jus22 on Nov 14, 2005

You just paste the code in your remotes. you can edit if you wish...

on *:TEXT:*home*:?: {
  msg $nick your home text here
  msg $nick more text goes here
  msg $nick and if you want more, put it here
/*/you can add more of that if you want/*/


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Urza   -  Nov 21, 2005

actually care_taker id say even with the missing bracket his is more practical since yours wouldnt work ;)
you missed the matchtext part of the event :P

Mpdreamz   -  Nov 15, 2005

This really cant be took as a model as it misses proper bracketing. Propper syntaxing is a must in mIRC. Also it doesnt take flooding into concideration. Plus its extremely pointless, whats a home command anyways ?. There are way better indepth on event tutorials.

Yoinx   -  Nov 14, 2005

Yeah, Except the missing close bracket.

MNM   -  Nov 14, 2005

Well this snippet can be pretty useful for newer mIRC scripters(could be used to learn basic on text things, or as a model) Once they master this basic step they can start praying to the holy /help :).

CaRe_Taker   -  Nov 14, 2005

next time try
on *:TEXT:#: {
if ($strip($$1) == !home) { msg $chan -=your text here=- }
soo much more practical ^_^

Macintosh   -  Nov 14, 2005

Well it seems to me that \"the point of zis snippet\", is that it would most probably go on a bot, and when Home is typed in PM, to the bot it will reply with those line of text. your missing one ending brace. other than that the snippet does what it is suppose to do and for that you get a sweet 6 from me :D

Sasuke   -  Nov 14, 2005

Whats ze point of zis Snippet?

Raichu   -  Nov 14, 2005
  • you forgot a bracked :/
David_James   -  Nov 14, 2005

You\'d better use timer or play function or it become flooding sending many lines in a short period of time.

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