By Foamy on Nov 11, 2005

some acronyms i made because it's pretty boring just seeing "lol" instead of it coming out as "Laughing Out Loud" in colors and designs. copy+paste in remotes


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Whatever   -  Nov 16, 2005

Pretty nifty.

Foamy   -  Nov 16, 2005

oh, alright anthalus thanks :)

anthalus   -  Nov 16, 2005

What I meant was, if you have 2 or more scripts that use the on:input statement, that is where the danger lies. Because 1 keystroke (input) is detected, mIRC will not know which on:input to use.

Foamy   -  Nov 14, 2005

I\'ve used 1 on on*:Input: before and nothing has ever gone wrong.

anthalus   -  Nov 14, 2005

Be sure to note that you can only have 1 on:Input script. More than 1 at best will confuse your mirc, at worst, will crash. So if you are using more than 1, you will need to string them all together, which in itself is a bit delicate.

Foamy   -  Nov 12, 2005

thnx :)

Cafaro   -  Nov 12, 2005

Nice script

Foamy   -  Nov 11, 2005

still updating this. i just got some of them on

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