Away v1.0

By `Kazuma on Nov 05, 2005

Just go to one of the popup menus and hit "Away" to go away, and "Back" to come back.

menu menubar,query,status,channel {
  Away:/set %add $$?="What do you wanna add onto your nick?" | /set %oldnick $me | /set %An %oldnick $+ \ $+ %add | /set %reason $$?="Enter Away Reason." | /set %PM $$?="Enter PM if needed, or Do not disturb." | /nick %an | /amsg 4,1[4 A14w15a4y 4,1] Away: %reason
  Back:/nick %oldnick  | /amsg 4,1[4 B14a15c4k 4,1] Back: %reason


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`Kazuma   -  Nov 07, 2005

Heh heh. Well I tried to make it as short as I can, only because Dialoged Away Systems sometimes confuse me, And all those other long ones sometimes get on my nerves. I\'ll be adding a pager, loger, and a duration in the next version.

nobody   -  Nov 06, 2005

Can\'t get any simplier than this...

`Kazuma   -  Nov 05, 2005

Lol. Well it\'s better than having like 20 something lines. ^_^;

Scruffy   -  Nov 05, 2005

ok sasuke is right i dont thinks its simple either but what do i know?

`Kazuma   -  Nov 05, 2005

Forgot to say, This was edited from a friend of mine. :)

`Kazuma   -  Nov 05, 2005

Rofl. Well it\'s simple to me. It\'s small though.

Sasuke   -  Nov 05, 2005

.. Doesnt look simple to me, yet I have an attention span of 3.


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