Whois Reply

By `Kazuma on Nov 03, 2005

This is something so that when someone does a /whois on you, it'll notice them saying you know they did it.

on *:SNOTICE:*did a /whois on you*: { 
  notice $2 4,1Hi $2 $+ ! I see you're looking at my Whois. :)


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Lindrian   -  Dec 08, 2006

This could get annoying after a while i think ;p.

Sasuke   -  Nov 03, 2005


xDaeMoN   -  Nov 03, 2005

You can only use this script if you are an IRCop. This would send a notice to the user who whois\'d you.

Sasuke   -  Nov 03, 2005

Hmm... Well, instead of $2 for /notice
Use, $nick . And did you forget the msg $chan blah blah..? I can\'t figure out how to use this...

`Kazuma   -  Nov 03, 2005

Something easy and simple.

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