By `Kazuma on Oct 26, 2005

Useless, but I made because it would save alittle time rather than having to type in the website or open Internet Explorer if you haven't. Just alittle one, But I'll be adding alot of stuff in the future.

on *:LOAD: {
  echo Thank you for choosing
  echo Find Script by `Kazuma
  echo 4,1This script 8,1will direct you to a scripting website
  echo 0,12Thanks! :)
menu channel,menubar,query,status {
  .Find { .dialog -m find find }
dialog find {
  title "Find some scripts..."
  size -1 -1 180 82
  option dbu
  text "Download some scripts at", 1, 49 7 97 8, nowrap
  link "Hawkee", 9, 64 76 72 13

on *:dialog:find:sclick:4:  {

#find end


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mysterycool   -  Jun 18, 2007

hmm.. ok scripted but kinda useless... if you wanted just to save time and not opening the Internet Browser and typing then just do something like this:

alias hawkee {

`Kazuma   -  Oct 27, 2005

Alright. Well, I\'ll change it and learn about that then. For sockets.. Or something.

Mpdreamz   -  Oct 27, 2005

Maybe this idea is worth learning sockets for (if you dont already) and have the result list in a listview that be nice :)

`Kazuma   -  Oct 26, 2005

Hmm. I\'ll edit it.

Yoinx   -  Oct 26, 2005

what about

find on


find off


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