By ledzeppelin on Mar 24, 2004

here is a basic acronym completer, just copy paste into the remotes and popups.

;this portion goes in the remotes section
#acronym on
on *:INPUT:*:{
if ($1 == brb) { msg $active _(Be Right Back)_ {(@)} }
if ($1 == rofl) { msg $active _(Rolling On Floor Laughing)_{(@)} }
if ($1 == lol) { msg $active _(Laughing Out Loud)_{(@)} }
if ($1 == stfu) { msg $active _(Shut The Fux Up)_{(@)} }
if ($1 == bbl) { msg $active _(Be Back Later)_{(@)} }
if ($1 == afk) { msg $active _(Away From Computer)_{(@)} }
if ($1 == g2g) { msg $active _(Got To Go)_{(@)} }
#acronym end

;this portion goes into the popups section
.on: .enable #acronym | msg $active _(Acronym Completer on)_B(@)}L
.off: .disable #acronym | msg $active _(Acronym Completer off)_B{(@)}L


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DeathRyder082   -  Jul 16, 2005


Shadow_Knight   -  Sep 26, 2004

you need to halt those acronyms at the end. Ex.- if ($1 == lol) { msg $active (Laughing Out Loud)((@)) | halt }. This will stop your snippet from posting the $active message and the previous message.

ledzeppelin   -  Mar 26, 2004

ok i fixed the prob with , when using it in a pm..... 0_o;

AnTi-s0cIaL   -  Mar 26, 2004

well i kindly made my own it easier for me in alias i put /lol /say 10,111,1gH` 10,111,110,111,10,1 $1-

sailoreagle   -  Mar 25, 2004

Also - well, not all input happens in a channel... what happens if you type \"lol\" in a private message? your snippet will not work then

sailoreagle   -  Mar 25, 2004

It\'ll -still- message the channel twice, once with the acronym, once with the extended acronym...

AnTi-s0cIaL   -  Mar 25, 2004

it doin the say thing but maybe i need a talker wit my tag tho

ledzeppelin   -  Mar 25, 2004

i usually use acronyms as a seperate laughing at wut people say or , if someone makes a comment

ledzeppelin   -  Mar 25, 2004

ooops, fixed it

Toxic   -  Mar 25, 2004

in this script u want to make a input script that will change lol to laughing out loud in any part of the txt this pit is rubbish

AnTi-s0cIaL   -  Mar 25, 2004

it comes out twice for me like it comes out stfu and next line the acronym by it self

sailoreagle   -  Mar 24, 2004

This doesn\'t work properly... if the acronym is anything but the second word in the script, it\'ll not work. If the second word is the acronym and you have anything after that, it\'ll not work. Even if the acronym is the second word and nothing else comes after it, it\'ll message the channel the extended acronym as well as the previous message.

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