Raw Serv 2.0

By Vortex on Oct 18, 2005

Another Raw command


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MrOp   -  May 09, 2006

How Can I Use IT
Sorry am New In Addons And I Want Some Help I Was Load It Succefully
But Ther is no menu bar :(
Please Help Me

xDaeMoN   -  Oct 24, 2005

I don\'t think so Andrewmiller17.

AndrewMiller17   -  Oct 23, 2005

Seems like your snippets made a very large jump in scripting skills.
Which means you\'re putting alot of time into learning. Good work.

xDaeMoN   -  Oct 19, 2005

Looks like this snippet was ripped from some script. Some of the identifiers in this snippet does not have the custom alias. (i.e. $_ncread, $logo, $_gcoord)

tank59   -  Oct 19, 2005


brottor   -  Oct 18, 2005

Vortex you should leave some comment on to what the raw event does. But good work.

Vortex   -  Oct 18, 2005

Yes, I know I made another Raw. I got super bored(as you can tell) and thought I should just make another. This one took up my whole sleeping time. Abotu 8-10 hours went into it. Hope you all enjoy, until another update.

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