Very simple Some1 Is talking to you snippet

By Cartaglion on Oct 16, 2005

Just copy and put in the remotes.
It will warn you on the active window, PM or not, that someone said your nick in a chan that you are in. It doesn't work if someone sais on a PM. It'll say the nick, the chan and the message that contained your nick. If you're away it'll not warn you.
It's my first snippet so you could expect some bugs. Another thing is that it doesn't have multiserver capabilities.

on 1:TEXT:$(* $+ $me $+ *):#: { if  ( $active == $chan ) /halt
elseif ( $away == $false ) .echo $active $nick said in $chan : $1-


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KuTsuM   -  Oct 21, 2005

before the echo put
if ($readini(nick.ini,nicks,$nick)) echo -a $v1 @ $chan $+ : $1-
else echo -a $nick @ $chan $+ : $1-

Raid   -  Oct 21, 2005

Is there a way to make this so it gets shortened versions of your name?
like w/ clan tag [SI]Raid but people never say that so make it reconize Raid?

Raid   -  Oct 20, 2005

This is pretty nice.

brottor   -  Oct 18, 2005

also, you can make it do on pm too. such as:
on :text::*: {
if (!$chan) echo -a $nick said $1- in pm to me.
this will work if anyone says anything im pm to you, it will echo the active window that they said what they said to you.

Noutrious   -  Oct 18, 2005

Fossa i know, but that was only example of how it would be more functional :P~

KuTsuM   -  Oct 17, 2005

The snippet is fine, no real need for corrections

Fossa   -  Oct 17, 2005

Your code will not work rapid , there is no trigger in the on text event and its missing a bracket, also this part : if ($me isin $1-) && ($away = $false) && ($chan = $active) {
.echo -a $nick @ $chan $+ : $1-
isnt needed since mIRC shows your nick said on the active channel.
here is a simple code for those nick highlights :
on :text:$($+(,$me,*)):#: Window @highlights | if ($chan != $active) .echo -bf @highlights $fulldate $chan : $nick : $1-

Noutrious   -  Oct 17, 2005

on 1:TEXT:#: {
if ($chan = $active) { halt }
if ($away = $true) { .window @awaylog | .echo @awaylog $nick @ $chan $+ : $1- | halt }
if ($me isin $1-) && ($away = $false) && ($chan = $active) {
.echo -a $nick @ $chan $+ : $1-

This would be more functional.

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