By DarkWatcher on Oct 15, 2005

Just a mimic thing. Paste it into your remotes, or your bots remotes. When you want to copy someone, type !mimic. When you want to stop the copy type !unmimic.

on *:TEXT:*!mimic*:#:{
  if ($2 == $null) {
    /msg $chan 14Please indicate a nick to mimic. 
  else {
    /msg $chan 14 $+ $2 is now being copied.
    /set %mimic $2
on *:TEXT:*!unmimic*:#:{
  /msg $chan 14 $+ %mimic is not being copied anymore.
  /unset %mimic

on *:TEXT:*:#:{
  if ($nick == %mimic) {
    /msg $chan $1-


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Sasuke   -  Oct 21, 2005

-_- I made an Easier one, But, I guess it\'s ok.

aaslyfox   -  Oct 20, 2005

This should be limited to only the user being able to use it, as otherwise spam is almost guaranteed. Also there is no need for the \"/\" in the script.

DarthReven   -  Oct 15, 2005

this has been done many times over. try combining your on text events into one using if, elseif, and else

Pariah   -  Oct 15, 2005

missing the last bracket

Noutrious   -  Oct 15, 2005

You should write on:action too :P

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