By ryu.dragonryder on Sep 30, 2005

once loaded type !dccpass in a channel -- a box pops up -- enter your dcc chat pass for your xdcc servers -- now your pass will auto enter when you right click on a xdcc server.

hope this is helpful for you

*ps this goes in remotes
ALT + R adn load it ;)

;# script: [xdcc commands] v1.0 (updated: 09/25/05) 
;# purpose: to help control your xdcc bots 
;# notice: this script is for using with iroffer 1.3b^ 
;# tips: remember to view the README for setup help. 
;# authors: DragonRyder 
;Be Carefull If You Modify 
;Only Modify If You Know What Your Doing 

alias xdccpass { 
  .set %dc.pass $$?="Enter xdcc DCC Chat password:" 
  .echo -n settings saved! end of configuration setup. 

on *:input:*:{ if (*!dccpass* iswm $1-) { say $1- | xdccpass | halt } } 

menu * { 
  DCC Commands 
  .-- Info Commands -- 
  ..Bot XDL:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass XDL 
  ..Bot DCL:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass DCL 
  ..Bot DCLD:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass DCLD 
  ..Bot Transfer Info:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass TRINFO $?="Enter Transfer Number" 
  ..Bot Queue List:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass QUL 
  ..Bot List Uploads:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass LISTUL 
  ..Bot List XDCC:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass PSEND $?="Enter Channel" full 
  ..Bot Show Pack Info:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass INFO $?="Enter Pack Number" 
  .-- Ignore Commands -- 
  ..Bot Ignore List:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass IGNL 
  ..Bot Ignore User:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass IGNORE $?="Enter Amount Of Time To Ignore" $?="Hostmask To Ignore" 
  ..Bot UnIgnore User:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass UNIGNORE $?="Hostmask To UnIgnore" 
  .-- Transfer Commands -- 
  ..Bot Close Transfer:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass CLOSE $?="Enter Transfer Number" 
  ..Bot Cancel Upload:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass CLOSEU $?="Upload Transfer Number To Cancel" 
  ..Bot Remove Queue:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass RMQ $?="Queue Number To Remove" 
  ..Bot Send User A File:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass send $?="Enter User Or Bot" $?="Packet" 
  ..Bot Send First Queued Pack:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass QSEND 
  .-- Pack Commands -- 
  ..Bot Remove Pack:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass REMOVE $?="Enter Pack Number To Remove" 
  ..Bot Move Pack:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass RENUMBER $?="Pack Number To Move" $?="Move Pack To Number" 
  ..Bot Add New Pack:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass ADD $?="Enter Filename To Add" 
  ..Bot Change File:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass CHFILE $?="Enter Pack Number" $?="Filename To Change It To" 
  ..Bot Change File Description:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass CHDESC $?="Enter Pack Number" $?="New Description" 
  ..Bot Change Note Description:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass CHNOTE $?="Enter Pack Number" $?="New Note To Enter" 
  ..Bot Change Get Count:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass CHGETS $?="Enter Pack Number" $?="Enter New Get Number" 
  .-- Misc Commands -- 
  ..Bot Send MSG To A User:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass raw PRIVMSG $?="Enter Nick To Send Message To" $?="Enter Message To Be Sent" 
  ..Bot MSG Users With Transfers:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass MESG $?="Enter Message To Be Sent" 
  ..Bot MSG Queued Users:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass MESQ $?="Enter Message To Be Sent" 
  .-- Bot Commands -- 
  ..Bot Show MSG log:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass MSGREAD 
  ..Bot Delete MSG log:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass MSGDEL 
  ..Bot Disables XDCC List:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass NOLIST $?="Enter Amount Of Time To Disables XDCC List" 
  ..Bot Remove Filename:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass RMUL $?="Enter Filename To Remove" 
  ..Bot RAW Commands:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass RAW $?="Enter RAW Command" 
  ..Bot Show Server List:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass SERVERS 
  ..Bot JUMP:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass JUMP 
  ..Bot JUMP To Server:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass JUMP $?="Server Number To Jump To" 
  ..Bot Clear Server Send Queue:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass SERVQC 
  ..BotInfo:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass BOTINFO 
  ..Bot Rehash:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass REHASH 
  ..Bot Clear Records:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass CLEARRECORDS 
  ..Bot ShutDown:/msg $$* admin %dc.pass SHUTDOWN NOW 


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ryu.dragonryder   -  Jan 14, 2006

see - it works -- so how about a score or two SINCE I PROVED IT WORKS!

yeababy   -  Dec 29, 2005

this does work for me, just load it, type !dccpass, enter your password, and now you control the bots.
how easy can it be?
i am a lazy op, so this kind of stuff is perfect!!!!!

ryu.dragonryder   -  Dec 29, 2005

this does work
after loading it go into a room and type

a window will pop up in front of your very eyes --
you enter your xdcc bots password there
and then after that you simply HIGHLIGHT the NICK of your XDCC BOT and give it one of the commands --

and yes i tested this - and its funny -- but every member of my team uses it and it works just fine for them

`Kazuma   -  Dec 09, 2005

This does not work.. Did you test this?

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