Select Ban Mask

By Urza on Sep 27, 2005

nothing special, just a menu that lets you pick a ban mask from a list.

menu nicklist {
  .KickBan $1
  ..Select Ban Mask: return
  ..$str(-,20) : return
  ..$address($1,1) :/ban -k $chan $1 1 $$?="Reason"
  ..$address($1,2) :/ban -k $chan $1 2 $$?="Reason"
  ..$address($1,3) :/ban -k $chan $1 3 $$?="Reason"
  ..$address($1,4) :/ban -k $chan $1 4 $$?="Reason"
  ..$address($1,5) :/ban -k $chan $1 5 $$?="Reason"
  ..$address($1,6) :/ban -k $chan $1 6 $$?="Reason"
  ..$address($1,7) :/ban -k $chan $1 7 $$?="Reason"
  ..$address($1,8) :/ban -k $chan $1 8 $$?="Reason"
  ..$address($1,9) :/ban -k $chan $1 9 $$?="Reason"


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Cheiron   -  Nov 26, 2007

very well done and not too complex either. new scripters have something that they can learn from that is easy to see what it is. good job

Raid   -  Sep 28, 2005

nice script to start It is a good thing to be able to see what adress you are banning. also it helps on evaders. Well done.

tank59   -  Sep 27, 2005

AndrewMiller, $1 or $$1, it doesn\'t really matter. The $$ only makes it so that it will only perform if that parameter is filled in. The number after the \'$1\' is the ban mask. See /help $mask. Nice little snippet Urza.

AndrewMiller17   -  Sep 27, 2005

I belive when your using a nicklist that \'$1\' should be \'$$1\'. Im not aware of what the number after the \'$1\' is for.

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