By ledzeppelin on Mar 19, 2004

this is an easy quoter need to make a file called quotes.txt in your mIRC file,put this snippet in your popups. my script should be ready soon.....the colors are basic and look good.....look for me , ledzeppelin

.say: /say Random Quote: $read(quotes.txt)
.add: /write quotes.txt $$?="please add a quote"


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DeathRyder082   -  Jul 16, 2005

I\'m sorry to say tiredness will not help you. Please make sure the snippets you post actualy work before posting. Also um you should become familiar with the mirchelp file and learn a bit more about scripting before attempting to post or script :)

ledzeppelin   -  Mar 22, 2004

popups.....i hope ur putting it in there...=/ obv

ledzeppelin   -  Mar 22, 2004

=_- tiredness

Toxic   -  Mar 20, 2004

This will not work.. And you are makeing a script pfft

sailoreagle   -  Mar 19, 2004

This most definitely does NOT work.

WishMaster   -  Mar 19, 2004

This has to be a joke right?Is it supposed to WORK?

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