Script Echo

By supergeo on Aug 13, 2005

This is just a small piece of code that echo's that you have loaded script times. You have to replace everything like

on *:Connect:{ 
 inc %usedtimes
 echo -a Welcome to $server $+ , and thankyou for using <scriptname>!
;echo -a <scriptname> was created by <scripter>
 echo -a You have used <scriptname> %usedtimes $+ .
;echo -a The script's official channel is <chan> on <server>. 
;echo -a The script's official website is <website>.
;echo -a You can contact the scriptor at <email> about bugs, feature requests, comments, or questions!


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DeathRyder082   -  Aug 17, 2005

Hmm, I was wondering if this would work?
on *:Connect:{
/echo -a The Time is $asctime(HH:nn:ss TT)
/echo -a On $asctime(dddd) the $asctime(dd of mmmm yyyy)
I\'m not sure if it would, but thats what I would think would be what you need. Just not to sure if I would use this. But then again I might be misunderstanding what this is for.

supergeo   -  Aug 15, 2005

But it\'s designed NOT to be used by the users of the script, but by the maker of that. I was thinking of doing that, but in my opinion it would be harder to use.

brottor   -  Aug 13, 2005

Or you could make it easier and get a better score by putting a /scriptecho alias and making it set variables for (scripter) (script name) (website) and the such

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