Weather Bot

By DarthReven on Aug 03, 2005

Pretty Simple to use weather bot.


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x1L22   -  Nov 21, 2009

DarthReven Issue Please

guest598594   -  Dec 16, 2008

It was added in 2005, the source code for the page probably changed.

OliMaylen   -  Dec 16, 2008

Doesn't work for me

joshieprince   -  Sep 16, 2007

useless, doesnt work

Pibb   -  May 02, 2006

so he commands would be like
-w 74134
-w tulsa,oklahoma
cause its not working for me.

GalaxiesWarrior   -  Aug 24, 2005

Anyone get this to work if so how???

DarthReven   -  Aug 04, 2005

i\'ll add the author notes again cause it looks like they were never added

aeros   -  Aug 04, 2005

how the hell u work this thing

aeros   -  Aug 04, 2005

speakin of firefox, whenever i open it, it closes and a windows error pop ups ;\ good thing it works for IE eh ?

DarthReven   -  Aug 03, 2005

my firefox has been acting up i had to readd the code using IE :(

Yoinx   -  Aug 03, 2005

must\'ve bugged

xDaeMoN   -  Aug 03, 2005

Where\'s the code?

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