By [-mafas-] on Jul 29, 2005

new version of my mp3 player... includet popups ^^


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corax   -  Aug 30, 2006

Very good player [-mafas-].
Simple and clear: added dir, has own menu, advertising played song\'s and look\'s real good.
Sometimes in status noticed some errors becouse of missed some [*/splay\'s]

  • not possible save playlist, but U\'re player is good and should work in many client\'s becouse i test it on 3 and still i like It.
    Well done man :)
Scruffy   -  Dec 17, 2005

Can you make it so on say it opens up the directory when you click play instead of finding the last file played it plays the file chosen.. its probly simple but, I\'m scruffy lmao.

SlAva   -  Dec 16, 2005

nice work..

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