By supergeo on Jul 27, 2005

Simple Anti-Advertising snippet. Helps reduce the occurance, but cannot be guarenteed to stop it.

Remove the ; before the line underneath kick to ban the user

on *:TEXT:*#*:%chan:{
   if ($3 != %chan) {
    kick $1 Don't advertise on the channel
   ;mode %chan +b $1 
 #antiad end

menu channel {
 .On: set %chan $active | enable #antiad
 .Off: disable #antiad


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DeathRyder082   -  Aug 02, 2005

;/ im just gona stick to my popups lol

Corne   -  Aug 02, 2005

I\'m not DarthvReven and your code wouldnt work. /kick $1 should be kick $chan... and the timer is wrong too. You are using $1 in the wrong places. try /help $1-

DeathRyder082   -  Aug 02, 2005

DarthRaven would this work too?

on :text:#*:#:{
if ($me isop $chan) { /kick $1 Kicked for Spamming Channels. 10 Min Ban | /timer 1 600 | /mode $chan -b $1 }

DarthReven   -  Jul 28, 2005

Here is something that will work \"on @:text::#: { if (#* iswm $1-) { .ban -ku60 $chan $nick 3 [Banned: Spamming] } }\"

Corne   -  Jul 28, 2005

It supposed to be #antiad on/off, thats why it doesnt enable/disable the group.
You should do a check to see if you are op and you also could use .ban -k $chan $nick 2 instead of kick and then ban (it should be $nick instead of $2 and in the mode +b, at the begin it should be \'.\' not \';\', if you meant that)

aaslyfox   -  Jul 27, 2005

Ignore the first bit, musta missed the second bit of code.
When i tried turning it on i got

  • /enable: no such group(s)
aaslyfox   -  Jul 27, 2005

%chan needs to be set
Also where is $3 coming from?
Should check to see if the channel said isnt the Channel theyare in.
I think thats what you meant by $3

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