weather bot

By henrikthesexy on Jul 19, 2005

this weather bot is 100% good:)


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Pam G.   -  Jan 18, 2012

Is there a way to make a java bot verison of the weather bot?

darkarrow   -  Jan 22, 2009

kk ty

Scakk   -  Jan 21, 2009

darkarrow: He was last seen in 2005. I doubt he will be back to fix it. If you want a working one you can use mine located

darkarrow   -  Jan 21, 2009

doesn't work

M[n]M   -  Sep 29, 2007

dude its not workin!! what should i do ? i don\'t even know how to fix that crap..


joshieprince   -  Sep 16, 2007

useless. no workie

M[n]M   -  Sep 13, 2007

+03:04+ <M[n]M> !weather newyork brooklyn

Nothing is happening ..

DeathRyder082   -  Aug 03, 2005

well, just make sure they work before posting. cause this doesn\'t work

henrikthesexy   -  Jul 23, 2005

i make my own and i find manny and work more on it.... osv......

DeathRyder082   -  Jul 20, 2005

i dont think he is making his snippets. ripper :/

Noutrious   -  Jul 20, 2005

Doesnt seem to work.. Sry, but sucks :|

UK-Sw1ft   -  Jul 20, 2005

dosnt work for me, dunno y, but fix it :>

xDaeMoN   -  Jul 19, 2005

Maybe he is Wulong because most of his snippets have it.

Pariah   -  Jul 19, 2005

doesn\'t seem smart to leave the version reply in if you\'re trying to pass it off as your own.

bearruler   -  Jul 19, 2005

Why does it say Scripted by Wulong?
Is the $decode to cover up the fact you didnt make the script?


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