Very Simple Away System

By NarcotiX on Mar 07, 2004

This is a very simple away system, nothing special, but very easy to use, put this in your Channel Popups...

..Set Away:/away $?="Away Message" | /ame is now marked as away: $! | /set %away3 %away2 | /set %away2 %away1 | /set %away1 $! 
.Cancel Away: /ame has returned 


Sign in to comment.   -  Mar 08, 2004

| /set %away3 %away2 | /set %away2 %away1 | <- What\'s the point of those?

X-FILE   -  Mar 08, 2004

lol and dont say cancel looks lame ;P was it so difficult for you to add menu channel { | to make it a remote code?

sailoreagle   -  Mar 07, 2004

Also you\'re not actually unsetting the /away when you get back... so you\'ll be saying \"/ame has returned\" but not actually marking yourself back... you\'ll still be marked away...

sailoreagle   -  Mar 07, 2004

Umm... what\'s the point of the variables?

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