By vampslim on Jul 18, 2005

K. This is a good mp3 that works, popups > channel backround > Mp3 dict > find where music is > mp3. See? easy? :) and if you know how to make My mp3 play random songs that you have on the come Please email me or find me on Thanks

.Mp3:{ set %mp3files %Mp3Directory $+ *.*
  set %mp3.file $$sfile(%MP3Dir,Choose File To Play)
  splay -p %mp3.file | msg $active 0,1{14,01-|-0,01} 0,1D0,1JMp30,1{14,01-|-0,01}0,01 $remove($nopath($insong.fname),.mp3,.wma) 0,1{14,01-|-0,01} $gmt($calc($insong.length / 1000),nn:ss)0,01D0,1JMp30,1{14,01-|-0,01}  0,1{14,01-|-0,01} 0,1D0,1JMp30,1{14,01-|-0,01}0,01 
.Set MP3 Directory: set %MP3Dir $sdir(C:\,Choose Directory)


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flamez   -  Jan 28, 2006

lol I just registered here, so hush

No0ne   -  Jan 28, 2006

No need to say something \"sucks\". I have yet to see you contribute anything here.

flamez   -  Jan 28, 2006

k. it sucks, a newbie could make this. You could make it compatible with reading the .wma ID3 tags

DarthReven   -  Jul 19, 2005

its rather lacking in the fuctionality department

henrikthesexy   -  Jul 18, 2005

i think you haft to work more about your scripts........... but its okey

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