Write Nick By Presing F12

By CmpaX on Jul 17, 2005

You can write someones nick by presing F12 (wery simple)

;in aliases
/F12 /say $$1


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Daking   -  Dec 19, 2010

sure jethro

I just was like wtf and when i was done writing i noticed the date so pls disregard my previous post.

i just posted a snippet of my own so go and have a look.


CmpaX sorry for my comment delete if you want.

Jethro   -  Dec 19, 2010

Daking, have you heard of the saying, "talk is cheap," and "it's easier said than done?" Where were you 5 years ago when CmpaX made this ѕhit? Now, show people what you can dig in terms of an example.

Daking   -  Dec 19, 2010

totally uncalled for and useless as hell

nice try
5 years have past now so a better version should be up now !

Is|ander   -  Jul 17, 2005


henrikthesexy   -  Jul 17, 2005

... that code are just stupid... and its small...

DeathRyder082   -  Jul 17, 2005

/F8 /say $$1
Just a question you said By pressing F12, but that says F8. Or is it just me. And $$1 means the nick has to be highlighted in the nicklist I think.

xyz   -  Jul 17, 2005

Why no just type first letter of nick and use Tab

CmpaX   -  Jul 17, 2005


xDaeMoN   -  Jul 17, 2005

A nick should be highlighted in the nicklist in order for this to work.

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