Random Text

By Will26 on Jul 16, 2005

This snipplet is great if you want to display random text great if you want to display a new tip each time page is refreshed or visited.

Can be altered to do other things such as display random advertisement.

$random_text = array("Random Text 1",
                    "Random Text 2",
                    "Random Text 3",
                    "Random Text 4",
                    "Random Text 5");
$sizeof = count($random_text);
$random = (rand()%$sizeof);


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surio   -  Jun 10, 2016

http://vihuni.com i cant spin text

srisoftwarez   -  Nov 16, 2009

is there any other way to do this ...

bone282   -  May 16, 2009

array_rand is handy for getting random values:


from a file:

$file = file("randomquotes.txt");

tye   -  Aug 29, 2005

Using srand() before rand() isn\'t necessary for PHP 4.2.0+. rand() also takes two parameters like this:


This code could be simplified to:
print($random_text[rand(0,count($random_text) - 1)]);

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