CupBot V0.02

By UK-Sw1ft on Jul 16, 2005

K, Here's a simple cup bot, iv never made one before, so there might be some stuff missing, but it works fine, to my testing, but if u find any bugs, please PM me to let me know, thx


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waller   -  Jan 16, 2012

Do we know why
on 1:TEXT:$($!admin*){
if ($istok(%cup.owners, $address($nick,1), 32)) {
if ($2 ison $chan) {
writeini admins.ini admins $address($2,1) admin
msg $2 Is now Cup.Admin.
msg Type " /msg $me Commands " For command overview.
mode +o $2
if ($2 == remove) {
/remini admins.ini admins $address($3,1)
mode $chan -o $chan
msg # $3 Is no longer A Cup.admin

isn't working? I would really like to change this myself, but cannot :/

hacknat   -  Aug 01, 2006

how to add to admin tell me I add only to owner but bot tell me only admin start the cups ...

dodgee   -  Jan 24, 2006

how do u get this to work l am a new lol

BBoy   -  Jul 27, 2005

umm yes what does a cup bot do?

Yoinx   -  Jul 17, 2005

instead of all that timer/variable stuff for the commands. Why not just put them all at the bottom of the script file in a heading like [commands] then just use /play on the scriptfile path and name, so that mirc will handle all the flood control and play speed. Just a suggestion.

UK-Sw1ft   -  Jul 17, 2005

Updated it , cos found some bugs, so hopfully its now 100% , if not let me know thx <3

henrikthesexy   -  Jul 16, 2005

nice code=).. craze sheck it out self.... but
echo -a 4[ $+ $time $+ 4] !commands ( In Cup channel ) To get List Of Commands That Way.
if you try this... you can se wath you can do:)
nice code

Craze   -  Jul 16, 2005

what does a cup bot do?

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