By Su1c1de on Jul 12, 2005

Just a simple shitlist.

menu nicklist {
  .add:/guser Shitlisted $$1 3 | /kick # $$1 Shitlisted.
on shitlisted:JOIN:#: {  /mode # +b $address($nick,2) | /kick # $nick 14Guess what, You're on my Shitlist, Have a nice day. }


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DragonFlare   -  Aug 30, 2008

it would be

 .del/guser Shitlisted $$1 3 |
DeathRyder082   -  Jul 18, 2005

Well, I\'m not much of a scripter. But Su1c1de this looks good. I like simple code so I can see how they work. So for me this works. 6

Corne   -  Jul 12, 2005

And you also could do a check to see if you are op before kicking the black listed users.

henrikthesexy   -  Jul 12, 2005

it was a nice shitlist:), n1gth i think you haft to go on scripteditor-user and delete host/nick :)

Su1c1de   -  Jul 12, 2005

I know it isin\'t that good, I just started scripting.
And if you want to remove someone, Just type /ruser . Or open up your user list, And remove him/her.

enexif   -  Jul 12, 2005

Very simple, but not really customizeable, what if a brother of your enemy is a good friend :\

Acolyte   -  Jul 12, 2005

enemys are for life :D

N1ghT-_-maR3   -  Jul 12, 2005

and what to do if we want to delete some1 from this shitlist ?!

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