Very Very Simple Auto Join/Identify

By err2 on Jul 11, 2005

this snippet is to auto join a channel and to auto identify teh nick u r gunna use. u can make copies of them in your remotes section if u have a nick with a different pass word. just replace (password) and (channel) with... well u know. this is muh first snippet. enjoy!

on *:Connect: /ns identify (password) | /join (channel)


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Anthrophobic   -  Oct 01, 2009


i can type /server -m irc.conflictirc -j #home faster than that script can perform on connect.

Opasna-Bagra   -  Jan 23, 2007

don\'t all codes have to be 100 or more characters?
and i have less of 100 characters on my simple login on connect...

realmadrid_rocks   -  Jan 23, 2007

how does the perform thing didnt work for me.

err2   -  Jul 12, 2005

now i do....

err2   -  Jul 12, 2005

i didnt know that......

aeros   -  Jul 11, 2005

agrees wit darthreven .. mIRC built in perform is better ~~

xDaeMoN   -  Jul 11, 2005

@ Lucifer1, yes it does. (ALT-O -> CONNECT -> Options -> Then click on the Perform button)

Lucifer1   -  Jul 11, 2005

the new mirc don\'t have perform. WD For your first time err2

DarthReven   -  Jul 11, 2005

it works but mIRC perform feature is better

err2   -  Jul 11, 2005

like i said, u can make copis of this if u want to join more than 1 chan or u have a different nick with a different password.

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