Auto join if kicked

By DeathfireD on Mar 07, 2004

this will make you join the chat that you where kicked out of.

on *:kick:#: if ( $knick == $me ) /join $chan


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DeathfireD   -  May 05, 2004

mmmm whatever you say

sailoreagle   -  Mar 23, 2004

Well, personally I find it rude to post a new snippet just to correct somebody else\'s snippet... it\'ll not help as much as me pointing out problems / possible improvements on the actual snippet. If I post a new snippet with the corrections, all I\'m doing is going \"ohh, lookit me, I\'m good, I know how to script and you don\'t, nyah nyah nyah\". While if I post with suggestions I\'m helping others improve their scripting with suggestions. At least, that\'s my opinion. I know I\'d prefer a \"hey, your snippet has problem X\" comment on my snippet, so I KNOW where the problem is, rather than somebody just posting their own snippet because mine has a problem and they want to correct me.

DeathfireD   -  Mar 23, 2004

Sailoreagle I agree you where posting my errors but i also thing you where saying it sucks in a way when you added \"What\'s to add? ON *:KICK:#: { var %excludechans = #chan1,#chan2,#chan3... | if ($me == $knick) && (!$istok(%excludechans,$chan,44)) { join $chan } } <-- that works...\" should have just stoped or reposted that as a diffrent snippet considering there are like 3 or 4 away message snippets on here wouldent hert to have 2 auto join snippets.

sailoreagle   -  Mar 22, 2004

I don\'t \"bitch\", I post about problems that I see with snippets. Yes, there\'s a difference. I don\'t say things like \"this sucks\", or \"I hate this\" or similar, and I don\'t say things like \"this is a waste to have\" (even on this snippet, that just replicated an option mIRC already has, I offered a suggestion on how to make it better than the default instead of just saying \"this is useless\"). I point out problems and mistakes, give suggestions, and keep things constructive - since I figure we\'re all here to learn. If you find a problem or a mistake in one of my snippets, you\'re welcome to point it out, of course, but getting annoyed just because I point out a problem or mistake in your snippet is, well, fairly silly.

DeathfireD   -  Mar 22, 2004

hehe grow up. lol looks like you should first I say it again \"this is a snippet post people can use the snippets as they wish\" If it dosent work post it or fix it dont post how its bad and that you dont like it. Im sorry about this post I see now on \"here\" you where helping me but on others you do nothing but bitch.

sailoreagle   -  Mar 18, 2004

The comments are available so people can post comments on other people\'s snippets. If you don\'t like your scripts being commented on, don\'t post them here. Also, you\'re being quite the hypocrite, considering the \"this is useless\" comment you left on one of my snippets. Do grow up :P

DeathfireD   -  Mar 17, 2004

well thats good to know maby you should post a new vershion and stop giving shitty comments if you dont like it then shut up post your own.

sailoreagle   -  Mar 07, 2004

What\'s to add? ON *:KICK:#: { var %excludechans = #chan1,#chan2,#chan3... | if ($me == $knick) && (!$istok(%excludechans,$chan,44)) { join $chan } } <-- that works...

DeathfireD   -  Mar 07, 2004

yes i know but im saying this is a basic little thing for people to add if they want \"snippets\" lol thanks for your input though and i have a full vershion of this where you can Exclude channels but im not adding till its fully done.

sailoreagle   -  Mar 07, 2004

What said. I\'ll just add that if you\'re gonna turn autorejoin on kick into a script, you should at least add a way for the user to exclude some channels from being auto-rejoined. As some channels really hate if they kick you and you autorejoin...

 Respond   -  Mar 07, 2004

You can do this in the mIRC options (Alt+O).

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