By Lucifer1 on Jul 06, 2005

This is an AUTO-AUTO-KICK for use on a chat with chanserv. To add an AAKICK just type:


This will set a user level of 99 for that hostname and anyone with it will be AKICKED by CS. NOTE:

It will not kick anyone with a higher userlevel because i added a mask (+99)

You might wanna change the userlavel for your name because mines is 9999

on +99:JOIN:#Channel: { .cs AKICK $chan add $nick }

on 9999:TEXT:AAKICK *:#Channel: { .auser 99 $2- | .msg $chan $2- Now has AAKICK status }


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aeros   -  Jul 06, 2005

hm.. why dont u just do it manually :|

Lucifer1   -  Jul 06, 2005

oops thanks for the last Comment.. As for the other two..

AAKICK is designed incase an AKICK is del as they are from cs. Thats why its auto-auto-kick. Sets an AKICK automatically on join.

supergeo   -  Jul 06, 2005

err. Also, !aakick won\'t work on yours. It can\'t have the ! infront of it.

supergeo   -  Jul 06, 2005

why not do that and not have to set a user level?

supergeo   -  Jul 06, 2005

on 9999:TEXT:!AAKICK*:#:{ cs AKICK $chan add $22 | msg $chan $2- Now has AAKICK status }

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