Simple website include script

By TeQh on Jun 30, 2005

A website that makes it easier to manage your entire website easily, with only modifying the information once, not changing each header and footer.... A very useful php script

/* This is a script to make a simple dynamic website */
<?php include("header.php");
/* make a header.php and put all the stuff above your header html in it */
if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['page'])) { include("$page.php"); } else { 
include("home.php"); }
/* create a home.php page for the center, also anything you want to link to make a page like fool.php with all the center stuff and then do you get the idea! */
/* create a footer.php with all your bottom stuff */


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cooolstar   -  Jul 02, 2005

well, its simple and for php beginners.

for ?id= or ?page= navigation , i have already given a simple technique.

well more ideas more development :)

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