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By F*U*R*B*Y* on Jun 30, 2005

just add it to remotes and in the USERS TAB add like owner:(yournick)and add admin:(nick) and oper(nick)


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ermansanidhya   -  Aug 30, 2007

not work on me, i dont know why
example when i type

: !server : /server -ms $2 :)
KuTsuM   -  Jul 01, 2005

The point of a \"scripter\" is to make the users job simple, or as simple as possible. Nice code, but way too many events. You could just do on owner:text::: { if ($1 == op) { commands } etc etc. Anyways, nice job

F*U*R*B*Y*   -  Jul 01, 2005

Ville why you want to know server?

i MIGHT pm you if you give me a good reason

HINT the o-lines i gave don\'t work on that server

aeros   -  Jun 30, 2005

nice but too unorganized

Corne   -  Jun 30, 2005

You can get rid of \'/\' so the code would look nicer

Ville   -  Jun 30, 2005

Whats your server?

F*U*R*B*Y*   -  Jun 30, 2005

that was just sa a temp becaus emy nick was Paul and half of my other nick was sleepy its up to you to change it i\'m just the scripter :P

Ville   -  Jun 30, 2005

Hmm. It\'s alright i suppose. lots of flaws like \'| /timer1 1 5 /nickserv identify sleepy | /timer3 1 5 /oper paul sleepy }\' How do you know the user\'s pass is \'sleepy\' or if the user is a oper.. it\'s very personalised, i think you should submit something what others could use without editing.

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