Admin Script Unreal IRCd

By anthalus on Jun 04, 2005

This is a fairly comprehensive listing of NetAdmin commands. It has the updated bans and many server commands. I included Services Admin commands as well.

;Fairly Comprehensive List of Net Admin Commands
;By Anthalus @
menu status,channel {
  $iif((A !isincs $usermode) || (N !isincs $usermode), $style(2)) Net Admin Commands
  .Modes and Changes
  ..SetHost:/sethost $$?="new host <>:"
  ..SetIdent:/setident $$?="new ident <Example:Bubba>:"
  ..CHGhost:/chghost $$?="nick and newhost <Example:Bubba>:"
  ..chgname:/chgname $$?="nick and name <Example:Bubba TechAdmin on SomeNet>:"
  ..chgIdent:/chgident $$?="nick and ident <Example:Bubba NotBubba>:"
  ...(needed for most Kills):/userhost $$?="Nickname:"
  ...Add:/msg chanserv akick #$$="Channel:" add $$?="Mask:" $?="Reason:"
  ...Stick:/msg chanserv akick #$$="Channel:" stick $$?="Mask:"
  ...UnStick:/msg chanserv akick #$$="Channel:" unstick $$?="Mask:"
  ...Del:/msg chanserv akick #$$="Channel:" del $$?="Mask:"
  ...List:/msg chanserv akick #$$="Channel:" list $?="Mask: (optional)"
  ...View:/msg chanserv akick #$$="Channel:" view $?="Mask: (optional)"
  ...Enforce:/msg chanserv akick #$$="Channel:" enforce
  ...Clear:/msg chanserv akick #$$="Channel:" clear
  ..AKill:/akill $$?="User@Host and Reason:"
  ..TZLine:/tzline $$?="User@Host and Time (0=perm):"
  ..GZLine:/gzline $$?="User@Host Mask and Time (0=perm):"
  ...By Nickname:/shun $$?="Nickname:" $$?="Time (0=perm):"
  ...By User@Host:/shun + $+ $$?="User@Host" $$?="Time (0=perm):"
  ...Undo Nickname:/shun - $+ $$?="Nickname:"
  ...Undo User@Host:/shun - $+ $$?="User@Host"
  ..Kill:/kill $$?="Nickname:"  $?="Reason:"
  ..GLine:/gline $$?="User@Host Time (0=perm):"  $?="Reason:"
  ..Kline<Ban User Block>:
  ...Set:/kline $$?="Host Mask or Nickname:" $?="Reason:"
  ...Unset:/unkline $$?="Host Mask or Nickname:"
  ..Zline<Ban IP Block>:/zline $$?="IP address:" $?="Reason:"
  ..Join:/sajoin $$?="Nickname:"  #$?="Channel:" |  /echo  4User Has Been 7Forced 4 to Join Channel
  ..Part:/sapart $$?="Nickname:"  #$?="Channel:" |  /echo  4User Has Been 7Forced 4 to Part Channel
  ..Mode:/samode #$?="Channel:"  $$?="(+ or -) Mode:"
  ...IRCDFile:/rehash $$?="Server name:"
  ...DCCDeny:/rehash $$?="Server name:" -dccdeny
  ...DynConf:/rehash $$?="Server name:" -dynconf
  ...Restrict:/rehash $$?="Server name:" -restrict
  ...VHost:/rehash $$?="Server name:" -vhost
  ...MOTD:/rehash $$?="Server name:" -motd
  ...OPERMOTD:/rehash $$?="Server name:" -opermotd
  ...BOTMOTD:/rehash $$?="Server name:" -botmotd
  ...Garbage:/rehash $$?="Server name:" -garbage
  ...BadWords:/rehash $$?="Server name:" -badwords
  ..DCCDeny:/dccdeny $$?="Filename mask and reason:"
  ..UnDCCDeny:/undccdeny $$?="Filename mask:"
  ...Crypt:/mkpasswd crypt $$?="Password:"
  ...Sha1SSL:/mkpasswd sha1 $$?="Password:"
  ...MD5SSL:/mkpasswd md5 $$?="Password:"
  ...Add and Kill Servers 
  ....Connect:/connect $$?="server name or hub port leaf:"
  ....ServerQuit:/squit $$?="server name:"
  ....Die:/die $$?="Password:"
  ....Restart:/restart $$?="server name and password:"
  ...ServerInfoLine:/sdesc $$?="Server Description:"
  ...AddircdLine:/addline $$?="Add line to ircd file:"
  ...MOTDadd:/addmotd $$?="text:"
  ...OMOTDadd:/addomotd $$?="TExt:"
  ..KZElines(Banned hosts/IP):/stats k
  ..Glines(Banned hosts&Shuns):/stats g
  ..Elines(K:Line Exceptions):/stats E
  ..Flines(Filename masks on DCCDENY):/stats f
  ..OLines(IRC Operator Lines):/stats O
  ..Qlines(Forbidden Nicks):/stats Q
  ..CNlines(Serversconnect or acceptfrom):/stats C
  ..HLlines(Hub and Leaf Lines):/stats H
  ..nLines(GECOS Deny):/stats n
  ..VHostLines:/stats V
  ..Tlines(Specific MOTD/Rules Lines):/stats T
  ..Ulines(Usually Services):/stats U
  ..Vlines(Version Deny):/stats v
  ..Dlines(Disallow Lines-Oper & Server Orig Connects):/stats D
  ..dLINES(Disallow Lines-Autoconnects):/stats d
  ..eLInes(Proxy scan exempt IPs):/stats e
  ..ILines(Client auth Lines):/stats I
  ..Flines(DCCDENY Lines):/stats F
  ..Ylines(Connection classes):/stats Y
  ..lLines(Client auth Lines):/stats l 
  ..ChanRestric:/stats r
  ..NetConfig:/stats N
  ..DynamConfig:/stats S
  ..ServerLoad:/stats W
  ..SQLineReport:/stats q
  ..ServerUpTime:/stats u
  ..ServCmdList:/stats m
  ..MiscSErv:/stats z
  ..ServerCAcheNS:/stats s
  ..MiscINfo:/stats t
  ..SerVConnt:/stats L
  ..StatsCommands:/stats ? 
  .HTM Commands
  ..On:/htm on
  ..Off:/htm off
  ..Noisy:/htm noisy
  ..Quiet:/htm quiet
  ..ActRate:/htm to $$?="kbs value:"
  .TSCTL Commands
  ..Time:/tsctl time
  ..AllTime:/tsctl alltime
  ..SetTime:/tsctl svstime $$?="Value:"
  .Server Performance and Info
  ..Trace:/trace $$?="Server Name:"
  ..Lag:/lag $$?="Server Name:"
  ..AdminList:/admin $$?="Server Name:"
  .UserInfo and Changes
  ..Names:/names #$$?="Channel:"
  ..NickIsOn:/ison $$?="Nickname:"
  ..Who:/who $$?="Nickname or Mask:"
  ..WhoWas:/whowas $$?="Nickname:"
  ..IRC Op Who:/who O o
  ..Who On Channel:/who #$$?="Channel:"
  ..DNS Lookup:/dns -c $$?="Nickname:"
  .User and Channel Info Modes
  ..UserMode:/helpop ?umodes
  ..ChannelMode:/helpop ?chmodes
  .OperServ (All Uses Logged)
  ..GlobalMessage:/msg operserv global $$?="Message for all channels:"
  ..Stats:/msg operserv stats
  ..Op List:/msg operserv oper list
  ..Admin List:/msg operserv admin list
  ..Staff:/msg operserv staff
  ...Add:/msg operserv akill add 30d $$?="Enter User@host or IP" $?="Reason:"
  ...Del:/msg operserv akill del $$?="Enter Mask:"
  ...Logon News:/msg operserv logonnews add $$?="Enter Logon Msg:  Only the most recent 3 items will be sent."
  ...Random News:/msg operserv randomnews add $$?="Enter Random Entry Msg:"
  ...Oper News:/msg operserv opernews add $$?="Enter Oper News:  Only the most recent 3 items will be sent."
  ..Chankill (Akills all users on Chan):/msg operserv chankill $$?="Enter Channel" $$?="Enter Reason"
  ...On:/msg operserv set superadmin on
  ...Off:/msg operserv set superadmin off
  ..Kill Clones:/msg operserv killclones $$?="Enter Nick:"
  ..Session Exceptions:/msg operserv exception add $$?="Enter Host: Portion after @" $$?="Enter # of Sessions:" $$?="Enter Reason:"
  ..ChatOps:/chatops 11 $$?="Enter Text:"
  ..LocOps:/locops 11 $$?="Enter Text:"
  ..GlobOps:/globops 11 $$?="Enter Text:"
  ..AdminChat:/adchat 11 $$?="Enter Text:"
  ..NetAdminChat:/nachat 11 $$?="Enter Text:"
  ..Wallops(all Channels):/wallops 11 $$?="Enter Text:"


alias hostmaskex {
  msg $me The following are examples:
  msg $me <user@host mask> Dorf@*
  msg $me <user@host mask> *@*
  msg $me <host mask> *@*
  msg $me <user@host>
  msg $me <ip>
  msg $me <ip> 123.45.67.*
  msg $me <ip> Bans entire ISP
  msg $me The * is a wildcard, and can be used
  msg $me In the place of some information
  msg $me Use care with * as it is possible
  msg $me To ban an entire ISP


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koolaidman   -  Jan 18, 2011

when i right click its GRAY.can someone tell me what to do?

LIQUID_NiTrO   -  Jun 12, 2005

Not bad, but I must say I don\'t really see the point. /helpop ?opercmds will tell you all the commands if you don\'t know them so ... I\'m going to say 7 because even so it is well coded and people may find it useful. :)

juggalo   -  Jun 09, 2005


anthalus   -  Jun 06, 2005

Yeah, I built it sort of comprehensive to Net Admins, since our server does not use the Co-Admin tag. You can change the N to whatever the correct tag for Co-Admin is.

PCTech   -  Jun 05, 2005

Nevermind - I figured it out - I\'m Co-Admin and I guess it looks for the N flag, most of the features are available for Co-Admin - so I just removed the check.

PCTech   -  Jun 05, 2005

When I paste this to my remotes, right click in the channel \'Net Admin Commands\' is GRAY - like there is a bracket missing. Any suggestions?

SnoooP   -  Jun 04, 2005

Nice. :)

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